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What Does Scale Mean in Scale Model Diecast Cars

Scale model cars come in a variety of sizes. If you’re an avid scale model car collector or hobbyist, you’re likely very familiar with what scale means, the equivalent approximate measurement in inches or cms and how it applies to the different sizes of model cars and collectibles.

But for those who are not familiar with scale, in short, scale is a physical representation of an object that maintains accurate relationships between all important features or parts of the model race car or other object. Scale is used in toy manufacturing, architecture, in aeronautics, nautical, railways and in the space industry. Scale can differ between diecast model cars and toy trains for instance. But in model cars, true scale model race cars maintain accurately relevant features of the original car.

Scale Model Diecast Race Car Sizes

Joie Chitwood’s Collectibles offer a variety of scale model race cars for sale including true scale diecast model cars. You can choose to purchase Diecast model cars from 1/64, 1/12, 1/18, 1/24 and true scale model cars as well as every variation in between. The most avid collectors of scale model race cars trust the Chitwood family name to provide them with the most impressive collectible scale and true scale model INDY and NASCAR collectible cars and tether cars.

Scale to Approximate Inches in Length

Below is a quick reference of scale to approximate inches in length of a die cast car. It can give a new collector a pretty good idea of the size (length in inches) of the collectible diecast model car they are interested in. Here are a few examples of our most popular scale model diecast cars we offer for sale:

1/12 Scale Model Cars= 13 inches
1/18 Scale Model Cars = 9.5 inches
1/24 Scale Model Cars = 7 inches

race car collectibles, autographed

Example of a 1:43 True Scale Model Race Car, 1966-Chaparral

1/32 Scale Model Cars = 6 inches
** 1/32 is considered traditional scale for models and miniatures

1/43 Scale Model Cars = 3.5 inches
1/64 Scale Model Cars = 2.75 inches
1/76 Scale Model Cars = 2.25 inches

Questions About Scale Model Diecast Model Cars?

If you have any questions about any of our scale model cars for sale or if you have more questions about collecting and how ‘scale” applies, please contact us. Joie Chitwood has decades of knowledge and experience in all things “NASCAR ” , VINTAGE  model cars, tether cars and racing memorabilia. Buy from the best,!