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Buying Scale Model Race Cars as an Investment

Many serious race car collectors have done quite well investing in scale model race cars. Some of the rarest and most significant vintage scale model race cars have be purchased here at Joie Chitwood’s Collectibles! But, what if you’re just starting out collecting scale model race cars or you simply want to purchase one as a gift? Should you worry about what the future value of the car or should you purchase a model race car that simply has some personal significance and appeal to you? We’ve addressed this subject before but to make it simple, we’re here to help you make the right purchase that will suit your particular needs!

Scale Model Race Cars Collections

If you’re a serious collector already, you likely won’t need our help finding the model race car that you will add to your collection as an investment. If you have questions about the price of a vintage scale model race car for sale on our website, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Not Sure How to Start Your Scale Model Race Car Collection?

If you’re just starting out collecting scale model race cars, or you’re looking for a gift, we can help. Who better to advise you about buying diecast scale model race cars than Joie Chitwood Jr.!  Joie can help you to decide on the perfect car to add or begin a model race car collection. Sometimes, simply buyng the scale model car that reflects what you like is the best way to begin a collection of scale model race cars. The more you learn and buy, the more you’ll learn and buy!

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Aside from Investments, Scale Model Race Cars Make Great Gifts

What kid big or small wouldn’t love a model race car? Worldwide, people big and small have a love for racing, vintage automobiles and of course, INDY memorabilia! The affinity for automobiles often begins when we’re young so  it’s never too early to start your child off with their own scale model car or tether car collection. Scale model race cars make great gifts for your big kids (grown-ups) too! Racing fans can enjoy a new hobby that can very well turn into investment opportunities. Scale model Indy die cast race cars and tether cars make perfect gifts! Not sure what to buy or do you have a question about any of the model race cars for sale on our site,  just ask Joie!

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