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Tether Race Cars, Scale Model Race Cars make great gifts. Some people buy them for their children, but many adults and racing fans also collect them for display purposes, investments, or as a memory of favorite races or drivers. Moe and more fans of NASCAR, NHRA, and the European racing circuit want memorabilia that reminds them of events they attended or races that their favorite drivers won. Some collectors support advertisers by collecting the racing cars that these companies sponsor.

Tether car racing got its name because each car races while tethered to a pole. The cars race individually on a circular track while attached to the center pole. The cars race individually and the winners of the tether car races are determined based on average speed of several laps. Once the cars get up to top speed, they can exert a force of as much as 91 Gs. That’s a full 91 times heavier than its own weight! No wonder tether car racing was such a craze in it’s day.

Regardless of why people buy racing memorabilia and collectibles consumers can find the best choices of sizes, models, makes, vehicle types, manufacturers, and cars at Tether Race Cars, Scale Model Race Cars, Joie Chitwood's Auto Thrill Show Collectibles.

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    “Safe at Any Speed” Autographed Hardbound Book 253 pages

    $ 12.99
  • Sale! IMG_0500

    1911 Indy 500 winning car Marmon Wasp Enesco collection 12 in. SOLD

    $ 299.00 $ 213.99
  • IMG_7135

    1911 Marmon Wasp first Indy 500 winning race car 1:12 w/ display case by CCM- SOLD

    $ 449.00
  • s-l1600

    1914 Indy 500 race car Enesco Vintage Toy Collection Artist Designed Diecast 12″

    $ 199.99
  • IMG_5639

    1920’s large ornate Boyce Moto Meter gauge in original nice condition wreath trim

    $ 199.00
  • Sale! IMG_4199

    1920’s Miller Indy 500 race car 1 / 8 scale by Gilbow Holdings in UK 20 inches long

    $ 1,899.00 $ 1,697.00
  • s-l1600

    1924 Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix model resin race car 14 inches

    $ 149.00
  • IMG_2105

    1924 Hispano-Suiza Tulipwood H6C Speedster race car- SOLD

    $ 389.99
  • IMG_1236

    1930’s Electricar stamped in Kokomo Indiana one of first tether race cars -SOLD

    $ 399.00
  • IMG_2012

    1930’s Indy 500 model race car built to suit you by a pro master builder

    $ 3,599.00
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    1934 Bugatti Type 59 GP roadster F1 race car 1:1 8 artist diorama in Cherry case SOLD

    $ 379.99
  • 1936 Indy 500 Race Program Very Rare Original Vintage

    1936 Indy 500 Race Program Very Rare Original Vintage Program

    $ 217.99
  • DSCN3679

    1937 Indy 500 Race Program Original Silver Anniversary

    $ 324.99
  • IMG_7607

    1939 Speed Chief tether race car Super Cyclone 60 spark ignition 20 in. long -SOLD

    $ 1,799.00
  • s-l1600

    1940’s Anderson crash helmet best in era G for age worn by top drivers size Medium

    $ 949.00
  • $_57

    1940’s Dooling F tether race car .60 McCoy glow magnesium body 14 inches -SOLD

    $ 1,699.00
  • IMG_1092

    1940’s Dooling Mercury front drive rail/tether .60 Hornet- SOLD

    $ 2,599.99
  • 1940's Matthews V Streamliner McCoy.60 Tether Car

    1940’s Matthews V Streamliner McCoy.60 Tether Car -SOLD

    $ 1,750.00
  • IMG_5207

    1940’s Peerless 1st series pre war tether race car wooden body Forester 29 spark CAR IS SOLD

    $ 1,899.99
  • IMG_4255

    1940s Challenger Jr. by A.L. Maxey co. rare mite tether race car 11 in CAR IS SOLD.

    $ 999.99

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