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SOLD McCoy .19 gas mite tether racer Class B proto designed by Curly

$ 1,799.00

THIS CAR IS SOLD McCoy .19 Class B tether race car. Beautiful red and black mite car designed by Curly. Car is superbly built and is 11 inches long.

THIS CAR HAS SOLD $_0 $_0 $_0 $_0  1950’s McCoy mite tether race car designed by famous builder Curly. This is a Class B Prototype and Curly never built these smaller cars but he designed them and then sold the patterns. These cars are rare and a few were superbly built in the 90’s. This car has ball bearing front wheels, factory type tether brackets, fuel tank, and Hornet racing tires. The engine turns smoothly and has great compression. This beautiful red and black car SHIPS FAST AND FREE with insurance.

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